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A Reason to Light up Your Life

Do you ever wonder why you are here? What is your purpose? What have you been born to do on this earth in your life time?

There are many paths to importance, to success, to financial stability. But is that what everyone is truly looking for? Is that what brings true peace and contentment? Yes having money can make your life easier, and having a solid job is something to find peace in, having a good family and home life will create joy. But I think sometimes we spend too much time looking for that "thing" that is going to bring us happiness. Why else are there so many shopping centers? What has Amazon gotten so large? We live in a material world, and in a material world, things fade quickly, so can happiness. So why not invest into something more spiritual?

One of my favorite artists is Kari Jobe. I listen to a lot of Christian music artists and there is a difference in mainstream Christian music for the radio, and worship music. Yes Kari Jobe is played on the radio, but there is just something about her music that connects me to that place of worship. So the other night as I was listening to her song: The Cause of Christ, I started paying more attention to the lyrics, and I noticed how serious this message is.

"The only thing I want in life, is to be known for loving Christ."

"All I once held down I will leave behind."

"May I live more to build Your Name than mine."

Do we lose focus on why we are here? Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own little world that I forget my true purpose. It's not about "us" it is about God, His glory. We are merely just vessels. And we should be honored and humbled to be called and chosen by The King, to project His love, His glory, His beauty. Not our own. For we will fade, and when we leave this world, we will leave only with God. It will just be you and God. No money, fame, wealth, houses, clothes, jewels, or even your family. Just you and God. So why wouldn't you want to work your hardest in this life that you have to serve The King and make a lasting relationship with HIm? Remember, making a relationship with someone means spending time with them and having communication, a giving heart, and love.

When we listen to a message like this song, how well do we put the lyrics into action? How strongly do we follow this? If we can look at this bigger picture and see the truth, it brings joy, peace and strength. Knowing we tried our best to serve our God while we are here. Take the focus off of "you" and put it back on "Him".

"Make His Name known far and wide." ~ Kari Jobe, in the Song: The Cause of Christ.

Making His name known in the earth is why we are here. To be a light that shines in the darkness, for all to see so that they will know the truth.

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