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30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years...

1. Enjoy life, life is short.

2. Eat healthy, you will feel better.

3. Friends will come and go, and that is ok. The ones who are meant to be in your life will remain.

4. Enjoy where you're at this moment. One day it will all change, for better or worse. But learn to appreciate each moment and be in the present.

5. Learn to listen to those older than you for wisdom and advice, especially your parents. They know a lot more about life than you do.

6. 10 years ago I was a completely different person than I am today. And that's ok if life changes you, just make sure it changes you for the better!

7. Don't take those you love for granted.Family is important. They will be in your life forever, take care of each other.

8. Read your Bible, study, and pray.Don't waste your time watching TV. Commercials especially, are the biggest waste of time.

9. Exercise, you will feel happier about your body.

10. Work hard at what you do, it will pay off.

11. Everybody wants to be heard, learn how to listen.

12. Don't hold on to anger, its healthier for you. Staying bitter about something only does more harm to you.

13. Have boundaries to keep your peace.

14. Try your hardest to think before you react or before you speak.

15. Don't compare yourself to others, especially where you are at in life. Everyone has their own journey to live, everyone's life will be different, live yours.

16. Learn to appreciate scenery, even if its just a simple drive.

17. Appreciate the little things.

18. Reading is good for you.

19. Never stop learning.

20. Be humble enough to know when you don't know something. It's better to not know things and admit it, than pretend that you do.

21. Don't be sorry, be better.

22. Be a safe driver, trying to save time isn't worth taking a life.

23. Try not to get stuck in the past or the future.

24. Spend quality time with those you love, really try to invest in each other.

25. Save your money, you will be surprised how little stuff you actually need.

26. Be considerate of where your food and your meat come from. Realize that an animal had to die for you to eat meat.

27. Appreciate your farmers and ranchers.

28. Don't waste food, there are starving people in every single country who would love to have it.

29. Realize that God is in control of everything, and some things are beyond our power to change.

30. Some things we aren't meant to understand and that is ok. God is still God.

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